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What is Happy Rose Day? When is Rose Day 2015?

February 14th, a special and romantic day of the year is knocking at the door. Probably, most of you know, what’s so special this day. But for those, who don’t know this romantic day of the year let me tell its specialty. Every year February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s DaySeason of Love and Love Birds.

Every year the Rose Day marks the start of Happy Valentine’s Day festivity across the globe. The fragrance of beautiful red roses encloses the atmosphere on this day. And, we all feel like as if LOVE is in the AIR as the large number of youths and teenagers gives crimson red roses to propose their girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, crush and wife. But, you might think what is Happy Rose Day? And when is Rose Day?

What is Rose Day?

The season of love or Valentine Week kicks off with Rose Day every year. Rose Day is the first day of the Valentine Week. In this special day, all love birds (Lovers) greet their partner boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, etc. with a beautiful Crimson Color Red Roses. As girls love roses, this s the special day for them. It is the day when we do something special for our companion, whom we love or dipping for love. Girls feel more special, when someone offers Red Roses on Rose Day to them. And there are more chances of getting accepted your roses by them if your intention are sparkler clear.

What and When is Happy Rose Day 2015?

Cute Romantic Couple with Beautiful Crimson Red Rose on Happy Rose Day.

When is Rose Day?

Happy Rose Day is the first day of Valentine week. Every year Rose Day is observed and celebrated on February 7th, all around the world. But, a question might be raising inside you that When is Happy Rose Day 2015? So, let me inform you, this year Happy Rose Day 2015 is on 7th February, 2015.

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But with the change in time, trend has changed completely. Presently, people like to send Happy Rose Day Wallpapers and Images to girls or their partner through Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and other social media websites, instead of giving real red roses. And this is quite simple for girls to accept and reject their proposal or rose by simply responding to text messages.

Hope, now you all know when is Rose Day 2015. So, in this Rose Day, express your feelings and emotions to your spouse by sending beautiful red roses and make Happy Rose Day more special day of life. Wishes you very Happy Rose Day 2015..


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