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Terms & Conditions

Acceptable Use Policy: You are specially responsible for the content that you post on the service or broadcast to other users and consent that you will not hold company liable for any content from other users that you contact with the service.

Statements and all other content and information contributed to 2015ValentinesDayPictures shall hold on to the following rule, and may be curtailed or removed at 2015ValentinesDayPictures’s caution if it is judged to be in disobedience of this policy.

  1. Hate words: prejudice along with homophobia, ethnic discrimination will not be tolerated.
  2. Language and coercion: Be careful in using your words and respect other people’s thoughts, emotions, idea and view. We keep the right to eliminate any remark that might be found extremely hostile or threatening.
  3. No Fraud: Spam and advertising content will be removed.
  4. Relevancy: Please keep debates applicable. Off-topic remarks are subject to removal so as to keep the thread on track.
  5. Quality: We encourage you to take liability for the valuation of the discussions in which you’re participating.

Our Proprietary Rights: Company or its licensors are the restricted owners of all the software, graphics, designs, brands and other intellectual possessions or proprietary rights contained on or used in correlation with the Service.

Termination of Access: Over and above any right that may be obtainable to us under these Terms of applicable regulation, we may delay, limit or close your account, or all or a part of your access to the service, at whatsoever time with or without warning and with or without reason. Moreover, we may submit any information on illegal activities, together with your identity, to the proper authorities.

Sever-ability: If any partition of these Terms of Use shall be held or declared to be unacceptable or unenforceable for any grounds by any court of knowledgeable authority, such condition shall be useless but shall not have an effect on any other part of these Terms of Use.

Links: This Service may have links to other web sites not owned by us. These links may consist of programs that can present you with extra information, or links that have been united into materials shared to the Service by a party other than the Company.

Articles and pictures on 2015valentinesdaypictures.com may be carried on, to other web sites, forums, or blogs provided that, you include a clear link back to the original article URL link for example. Source – 2015ValentinesDayPictures.com

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