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Best Happy Rose Day Poems 2015 | Lovely Poems on Roses

Best Happy Rose Day Poems 2015 Collection for Lovers: Are you in search of some Romantic Cute Rose Day Love Poems for your girlfriend/boyfriend? If yes, then you’re in the perfect place and it’s the place to end your search hunt. Here is a latest collection of some of the Best Rose Day Poems for Him/Her on the special occasion of Happy Valentine’s Day 2015. Get the awesome cute short love poems for Rose Day and wish your loved ones a warm Rose Day 2015.

Romance is in the air. Red Roses, Chocolates, Greeting Cards with Wishes are everywhere. And if you don’t want to miss the time for being more romantic, ignore all of the above stuffs this Valentine’s Day. If you really want to be super romantic than take time to find out what is special and meaningful to your girlfriend or partner. That gesture will value more than the biggest chocolate heart. Give a new definition to your love this Valentine. Short Rose Day Poems stand for a cute expression on love and affair. And if you’re searching for something unusual on Rose Day, Short Love Poems for Rose Day are something that you can’t afford to miss.

Best Happy Rose Day Poems 2015 Collection | Lovely Poems on Roses

Best Happy Rose Day Poems 2015 Collection | Lovely Poems on Roses

Best Happy Rose Day Poems 2015 Collection | Lovely Poems on Roses

Following are the some Top Cute Happy Rose Day Poems for Him/Her, Boyfriend/Girlfriend and Husband/Wife that remain the best way of showing your love and care to your beloved.

Singing Romantic Love Poems for your love is the perfect way to impress your partner. Here are some of the best short love poems for him/her. Our Rose Day Love Poems collection is easy to navigate and new poems are frequently added every month.

Happy Rose Day Poems 2015 – Best Love Poems on Rose Day 2015

A Dozen Roses | Lovely Rose Day Poems for Lovers

I Got A Dozen Roses
From A Friend The Other Day
But I Only Have 1 Left
For I Gave Them All Away

I Gave One To My Sister
Who To Me Is Very Dear
In Hopes That It Will Bring To Her
A Little Floral Cheer

I Took One To A Friend
Who’s Not Feeling Very Well
The Flower Or The Visit
Which Helped More I Could Not Tell

One Went To A Friend
I Haven’t Known For Very Long
She Struggles, So In Some Small Way
I Hope This Helps Her Carry On

The Rest Went To The Ones
Who’ve Helped Me In So Many Ways
They Have Been A Cheerful Presence
On My Dreary Days

The Roses Were So Pretty
I Just Could Not Keep Them All
Except One Single Bud Standing
Beautiful And Tall.

My Friend Gave Me The Flowers
To Help Brighten Up My Day
But The Biggest Joy I Received
Was Giving Them Away

Best Happy Rose Day Poems for Boyfriend/Him/Husband

The Rose Poem

A Rose Blossoms In The Warm Morning Air
Just Happy That It Can Actually Be There

Alive And Full Of A Great Strength
Feeling That It Can Go To Any Length

Then The Rose Is Pulled Out Of It’s Sweet Haven In The Ground
Hoping That It’s Going To Be Love Bound

Now The Rose Is Feeling A Little Sad And Blue
Until It’s Used As A Sign To Say, “I Love You”

Romantic Happy Rose Day Poems for Girlfriend/Her/Wife

A Red Red Rose

O’ My Luve Is Like A Red, Red Rose
That’s Newly Sprung In June
O’ My Luve Is Like The Melodie
That’s Sweetly Played In Tune

As Fair Art Thou, My Bonnie Lass
So Deep In Luve Am I
And I Will Luve Thee Still, My Dear
Till A’ The Seas Gang Dry

Take A’ The Seas Gang Dry, My Dear
And The Rocks Melt Wi’ The Sun
And I Will Luve Thee Still, My Dear
While The Sands O’Life Shall Run

And Fare Thee Well, My Only Luve
And Fare Thee Well A While
And I Will Come Again, My Luve
Tho’ It Were Ten Thousand Mile

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