Top 5 Valentines Day Games to Play with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Top 5 Valentines Day Games to Play with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Top 5 Best Valentines Day Games to Play with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Top 5 Valentines Day Games to Play with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: So, you love your boyfriend/girlfriend and do love sharing lots of love for him/her. Try these best Valentine Games with him/her to enjoy extra dimension of fun on special Happy Valentine’s Day.

With a great Ideas on how to make your valentines day special and awesome, we’ve come up with a amazing solution. Below we’ve mentioned top 5 best Valentines Day WhatsApp Games based on Text Messaging. These Messaging Games will not only help to reveal out the secrets from your boyfriend/girlfriend on what they feel about you, but will also make you feel very special and good on Valentines Day.

Top 5 Best Valentines Day Games to Play with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Top 5 Best Valentines Day Games to Play with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

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Best Valentines Day Games to Play with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

What are you guys waiting for? Copy and Paste below given Valentines Day Chain Messages and forward it your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, friends or crush. And see their response. These Valentines Day Games are so much of fun and entertaining.

Top 5 Valentines Day Games for Boyfriend/Girlfriend | WhatsApp Games for Couples

Which Bollywood Movie Character Suits Me?

1st – Rancho (Aamir Khan) – Different From All And Intelligent.
2nd – Geet (Kareena Kapoor) – Most Talkative and Speaks A Lot.
3rd – Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) – Funny, Powerful and Best.
4th – Akira (Anushka Sharma) – Bindass and Always Happy.
5th – Singham (Ajay Devgan) – Leader.
6th – Aarohi (Ranbir Kapoor) – Flirto and Hatke.
8th – Naina Talwar (Deepika Padukone) – Scholar, Smart and Sweet.
9th – Kalpana (Ghajini) – Kind and Helping Person.
10th – Shanaya (Alia Bhatt) – Attitude But Still Hot.
11th – Khiladi (Akshay Kumar) – Topper and Winner.
12th – Rahul (Sharuk Khan, SRK) – Best Person, Always at Top.
13th – Sona (Shruti Hasan) – Most Beautiful.

Forward to all your friends and see what they think about you?

Reply Me first!! :)

Male and Female Doesn’t Matters, But Qualities Do!

Happy Valentines Day 2015 Book of Love!

Send this Dare Games to your Boyfriend/Girlfriend and Best Friends.

1. My Name in your Mobile Phone. ________
2. Relation between You and Me. _________
3. Any Name, which you would like to Call Me. __________
4. What will be your Reaction, When you will find out that I’m Dead. ___________
5. The thing you like most in my Face. ______
6. One thing that you Love the Most about Me. ________
7. If you Got a Chance to Ask me Somethng about My Personal Life? What you will ask? _______
8. How do you Feel when you Talk to Me. ________
9. Your First Reaction on My First Look. _______
10. Rate My WhatsApp Profile Picture out of 10. ________

Send this message to Everyone. And Get Interesting Answers.

Reply Me. I’m Waiting.

Best Valentines Day WhatsApp Games for Couples

Which Colour will I get?

Red: I Love You❤
Pink: You are cutie Pie.
Blue: You are Sweet.
Yellow: You are Rude Sometimes.
Cyan: You have a Good Nature.
Green: Funny. :D
White: You are Good. :)
Orange: I Like You.
Black: I Miss You Very Much.
Purple: You are Good Looking.
Aqua: We are Friends Forever.
Golden: I Hate You.

So, Which Color will you give me?

Best Valentines Day Question Games for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

77 Question Waiting for You!

1. Scars?
2. Crush?
3. Fears?
4. Someone you would die for?
5. Someone you hate?
6. Someone you can tell anything to?
7. Have you ever smoked?
8. Have you ever drunk alcohol?
9. Have you ever done ‘bad’ drugs?
10. Last time you cried?
11. Bestfriends?
12. Favourite colour?
13. Lucky number?
14. Birthday?
15. Bi/straight/gay?
16. Eye colour?
17. Hair colour?
18. Best body part?
19. Obsession?
20. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
21. Male or female?
22. Kiss or hug?
23. Nicknames people call you?
24. Favourite song?
25. Favourite thing?
26. Worst thing that ever happened too you?
27. Best thing that ever happened too you?
28. Something you would change about yourself?
29. Full name?
30. Worst mistake?
31. Something your proud of?
32. Your dream?
33. Watch the movie or read the book?
34. Ever tried to kill yourself?
35. Favourite TV show?
36. Ever self harmed?
37. Ever caught a virus, disease or sickness?
38. Special talents?
39. Do you ever wish you could start over?
40. Ever been abused?
41. Abused anyone?
42. Ever had a near death experience?
43. Someone you can’t tell anything too?
44. Virgin?
45. Any tattoos?
46. Are u single or taken?
47. Someone who knows all your secrets?
48. Someone who’s secrets you know?
49. Single or taken?
50. Middle name?
51. Last kiss?
52. Girl bestfriend?
53. Boy bestfriend?
54. Favourite song?
55. Height?
56. Weight?
57. First kiss?
58. Play any sports?
59. One secret?
60. Who do you hate?
61. Longest relationship?
62. Who do you like?
63. What do you like in a boy?
64. What do you like in a girl ?
65. What’s favourite number/colour?
66. What area do you live?
67. Age?
68. Hobbies?
69. One thing you can’t live without?
70. Ever had sex?
71. Are you naughty?
72. Ever exchanged nudes?
73. Favorite body part of your opposite gender?
74. Ever maked out?
75. Wanna explore me?
76. Wanna kiss me?
77. Wanna date me?

Lucky Chance for you on Happy Valentine’s Day 2015. Ask any five questions and get you answers.

Play Valentines Day Text Messaging Games on WhatsApp with your GF/BF

Send this to all your contacts, especially your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend. And see what song they dedicate 2 you.

1. Tum Hi Hoh.
2. Tu Jaane Na.
3. Blue Eyes.
4. Yaaron Dosti Badi Hee Haseen Hai.☺
5. Bhula Dena Mujhe.
6. Tera Raasta Mai Chodu Na.
7. Gandi Baat.
8. Mai Rang Sharbaton Ka.
9. Tujhe Bhula Dia.
10. Uff Teri Adda.
11. Jane Nahi Denge Tujhe.
12. Bholi Si Surat Aankhon Mai Masti.
13. Bin Tere.☺☺☺
14. Tujh Mai Rab Dikhta Hai.
15. Tera Mujhse Hai Phele Ka Naata Koi Yuhi.

Reply Me First. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2015.

We hope you enjoyed playing these Valentines Day Games for WhatsApp with your partner or friend. Do let us know if you have some more funny and interesting WhatsApp Games for Valentines Day. Use Comment Box to ping new Valentine games.


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