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❤ Funny Valentines Day Messages Quotes Love SMS in Hindi

Funny Valentines Day Messages Quotes Love SMS in Hindi: Happy Valentine’s Day is all about adding a cute smile on someone you really care and love about. It’s a perfect occasion to tease lover or spouse with the naughty humor and funny Valentine’s Day Messages SMS. Sometimes you want to be bold and move away from the traditional Valentine’s customs, where people want to send are plain Funny Love SMS in Hindi/English. You want to make it funny, enjoyable and adventurous and you just know they will love it. We will show you just how to bring out the joke without comprising on the theme of the day with our list of funny Valentine’s Day quotes. If you want to win your lover’s heart, use humor.

With a dash of Humor and Love, make your day extra special with these Funny Valentine Messages and Funny Valentines Day Quotes. Go and grab your favorite Funny Valentines Day Love SMS in Hindi and send it to your lover/partner or spouse. !!Happy Valentine’s Day 2015!!

Funny Happy Valentines Day 2015 Messages Quotes Love SMS in Hindi

Here in this post we’ve included a latest collection of Hilarious, Humorous and Funny Text Messages SMS Jokes for Happy Valentine’s Day 2015 for Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Him/Her and Husband/Wife. Most of all messages are character or less, so are the perfect size to send friends via Text Message. For more Funny SMS Messages in Hindi scroll down and read on.

Funny Happy Valentines Day 2015 Messages Quotes Love SMS in Hindi

Funny Valentines Day SMS Messages Hindi and Funny Valentines Day Text Messages Hindi for mobile phone. All Funny Valentines Day SMS Messages Collection Hindi on funny Valentines Day SMS Text Hindi website.

❤ Funny Valentines Day Love SMS in Hindi 2015 ❤

Santa to Banta: Yaar Koi Aisa Valentine Gift Bataa Jo Sidha Teri Bhabi Ke Dil Pe Lage.
Banta: Goli Maar De ….
Best Funny Valentine SMS for Lovers.

Valentine’s Day Dilemma:
Jidhar Aapna Crush Hai;
Saala, Udhar Phele Se Hi Rish Hai!

Valentine Valentine Karte Rahe;
Valentine Ke Din Ko Tarastae Rahe;
Iss Mohabbat Ka Din Aakar Chala Gaya;
Hum Har Saal Ki Tarah Haath Malte Rahe!

Choti Si Zindagi, Lamba Sa Rasta
Mera Bai Koi Valentine Ban Jaye, Khuda Ka Wasta

Aankhon Me Noor Hai;
Chehre Pe Suroor Hai;
Koi Mange Mera Number to De Dena,
Valentines Kareeb Hain Aur Meri Saadi Abhi Bhut Door Hain…!!

❤ Funny Valentines Day Messages in English 2015 ❤

Issued in Public Interest by Wives:
On this Valentine’s Day, resolve to save nature.
Avoid Roses, Gifts only Diamonds.
Happy Valentine’s Day! … Funny Valentine Day Message in English.

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Dear Loyal Customer,
Your Kisses Balance is very Low. please get somebody and recharge your balance now.
Your Balance of 2 free Kisses expires on 14th February, 2015!

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If you don’t have a Valentine’s Day. Don’t be sad as most people don’t have Aids on World Aids day as well.
!Happy Valentine’s Day 2015!

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Adam and Eve started Love;
Romeo and Juliet introduced it;
Devdas and Paro suffered due to it;
Laila and Majhu died for it;
So my Dear Friends, Please beware of it as February 14 is very near.
Happy Valentine’s Day! ….. Best Funny Valentines Day Message SMS.

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A wife after waking up from her sleep on Valentine’s Day, “I just had a dream that you bought me a diamond necklace.”
Husband: Go back to sleep and wear it.
Happy Valentines Day 2015

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❤ Funny Valentines Day Quotes in Hindi 2015 ❤

  • Love is a game that two can play and both win. – Eva Gabor
  • Love is a grave mental disease. – Plato
  • Love is an electric blanket with somebody else in control of the switch. – Cathy Carlyle
  • Today is Valentine’s Day. Or, as men like to call it, Extortion day. – Jay Leno
  • Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife. – Groucho Marx
  • Between lovers a little confession is a dangerous thing. – Helen Rowland
  • Get married early in the morning. That way, if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted a whole day. – Mickey Rooney
  • Happiness is an imaginary condition, formerly attributed by the living to the dead, now usually attributed by adults to children, and by children to adults. – Thomas Szasz

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We hope you like Funny Valentines Day Messages Quotes ❤ Love SMS in Hindi Collection 2015 for Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Husband/Wife, and Him/Her. Don’t forget to pass above Funny Love Messages and Funny Love SMS Hindi to your friends and lovers through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter,m Google+, WhatsApp, etc. And provide us a good comment using comment box below. Once again, Wishes you Happy valentine’s Day 2015.

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