Best 2015 Happy Confession Day SMS Messages

Best 2015 Happy Confession Day SMS Messages

Best 2015 Happy Confession Day SMS Messages in English

Best 2015 Happy Confession Day SMS Message: When was the last time you went for a confession? Might be a long time ago. Confess has always been a hard and challenging task to do, but confession is a wonderful thing, if a person knows its importance in love. Every year, on February 19th after Happy Valentine Week and other similar love days, we celebrate Happy Confession Day.

Love has always played a vital role in everybody’s life. But, still there are many boys and girls, who love each other but can’t tell it to their partner, crush or spouse. So, here this Happy Confession Day 2015 is a perfect day for all those boys and girls to go and confess about their love to their partner. So, to help you in confession we’re here with a best collection of Happy Confession Day SMS and Happy Confession Day Messages.

Best 2015 Happy Confession Day SMS Messages in English
Best 2015 Happy Confession Day SMS Messages in English

Best Happy Confession Day SMS Messages 2015

Here is a wonderful and latest collection of Cute Happy Confession Day SMS and Confession Day Text messages. So, what are you waiting for? Select best Confession Day 2015 SMS and send SMS to your loved ones.

Latest Happy Confession Day SMS 2015

Prayer is a confession of our weakness.
On This Confession Day make yourself
Happy Confession Day To All My Friends.

Strong and burning
and so deep inside.
Way down past everything
that I try to hide.
Happy Confession Day 2015.

Surprised by all that love is
I remain alert in stillness
Hurt by all that Love is
I yearn for tenderness
Happy Confession Day .

Boy to Girl: I need your advice.
Girl Replied: OK tell me, What is it?
Boy: There is a sweet girl, i always think about her & I think I’m in love with her.
Girl: Then you should tell her about this.
Boy saw in the eyes of the girl and replied I just did.
Happy Confession Day 2015.

Best Happy Confession Day Messages 2015

Touched by all that love is,
I draw closer toward you
Saddened by all that love is,
I run from you.
Happy Confession Day 2015

Say that you love me
and that you can see.
I have what you’ve longed for
and your place is with me.
Wishes you Happy Confession Day 2015!!

If I could have all the time in the world,
I know what I would do:
I’d spend the time.
In pleasure sublime,
Just by being with you.
Happy 2015 Confession Day.

If love is bless why does it hurt,if love is warm why do we shiver.
If love is deep why does it burn,if love is fact why do we cry.
If love is forever why do we die.

Happy Confession Day 2015

True love is like a mischievous kid.
It plays around your feelings,
Makes you do naughty things,
Hugs you like a sweet confession,
And sleep in your heart,
Like a new born baby.
Happy Confession Day 2015

Defeated by all that love is
at the truthful mouth of the night
Forsaken by all that love is
I will grow towards  you.
Happy Confession Day 2015.

Though it’s shame and toil misguided,
And to my folly self-derided.
Here at your feet I will admit.
It I’ll befits my years, my station,
Good sense has long been overdue!
And yet, by every indication
Happy Confession Day 2015.

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