Best Romantic Happy Rose Day SMS in English – 2015

Best Romantic Happy Rose Day SMS in English – 2015

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Best Romantic Happy Rose Day SMS in English – 2015

Happy Rose Day 2015 to all visitors!! Rose Day is a part of Valentine’s Day celebration and is also the first day of Valentine Week. Every year Valentine Week start with the Rose Day on February 7th. On Rose Day Love Birds (Lovers) express their feelings in their heart by presenting beautiful Red Roses to propose their girlfriend, boyfriends, husbands, wife, etc.

As the demand of roses is very high this day, why not we send affordable rose to our partner? Send Happy Rose Day SMS or Rose Day Messages from your smartphone to your spouse or partner, whom you love very much. And you can send these beautiful Rose Day SMS in English to any of your partner or lover.

Best Romantic Happy Rose Day SMS in English – 2015
Best Romantic Happy Rose Day SMS in English – 2015

Every bird cannot dance,
But peacock do it.
Every friend can not reach my heart,
but you did it.
Every Flower can not express love,
But rose do it.

Here in this post, we’ve come up with some good collection of Happy Rose Day 2015 SMS in English for boyfriend and girlfriend. You can copy and send this Rose Day Wishes to anyone for free of cost. You can use Rose Day 2015 Messages SMS for mobile wishes, or you can also write wishes on your greeting card and send that Valentine Card with cute Red Rose to your partner.

Best Happy Rose Day 2015 SMS in English

Here is a good collection of Happy Rose Day SMS in English, just read this collection and send Rose Day SMS messages as a Rose Day Wishes to your partner.

Happy Rose Day SMS in English

The collection of SMS Messages for Rose Day 2015 is provided below. Use them and wish your partner for Rose Day 2015.

You are like the sunshine so warm,
You are like sugar, so sweet.
You are like you.
And that’s the reason why I Love You!
Happy Rose Day 2015.

This is a magical friendship rose.
You must pass this rose to at least five friends within an hour of receiving it.
After you do, make a wish,
and your fondest romantic wish…will come true!
Happy Rose Day 2015 SMS

24 hours make a Lovely day,
7 days make a Lovely week,
52 weeks make a Lovely year & knowing a,
person like me will make your life Lovely.
Have a Lovely Rose Day n Life!

Flowers are very soft ,
Don’t touch them with hard hands.
Similarly, feelings are so soft like flowers,
Don’t touch them with harsh words.
Happy Rose Day 2015

My Heart For You Will Never Break.
My Smile For You Will Never Fade.
My Love For You Will Never End.
Happy Rose Day!

Many Beautiful Flowers In The World But My Flower Is You.
You r Most Beautiful Than Others,I Love My Lovely Rose.
Happy Rose Day Dear!!

It Is Not Being In Love That Makes Me Happy…
But Is Being In Love With You That Makes Me Happy.
Happy Rose Day!

Every Night When I look at the moon,
It reminds me of you.
How you can see the same moon?
It makes me sometimes sad,
Because, I can see the moon,
But I can’t see you.
Happy Rose Day 2015.

Roses are exclusively 4 a nice person like u,
From a Simple person like me.
Keep this rose until they DRY,
But keep my friendship until i die

My eyes are hurting because I can’t see you.
My arms are empty because I can’t hold you.
My lips are cold because I can’t kiss you.
But my heart is breaking,
Because I’m not with you.
I miss you! Happy Rose Day Sweetheart!!!

I asked God for a rose,
And he gave me a garden.
I ask God for a drop of water,
And he gave me an ocean.
I asked God for an angel,
And he gave me you!
Happy Rose Day 2015!

Love can be expressed in many ways.
One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person, who is reading this.
Rose Day SMS for important persons….

Funny Happy Rose Day 2015 Flirt SMS

On this Happy & Romantic Valentine’s season send some Funny Flirt Messages to your crush. :D Laugh and make others laugh out loud too. Enjoy season of love 2015. Below are some of the cool and funny flirt messages for girlfriends, which you can send to tease her. “Happy Valentines Day 2015

  • Red Rose: Luv
    Yellow Rose: Friendship
    White Rose: Peace
    Which Rose for u?
    Nima Rose. Tan ki Durgandh Dur Kare, De Taazgi.
  • Boyfriend : Please keep me in your brain, not in your heart..;)
    Girlfriend : How funny, why not heart..?
    Boyfriend : Because
    Your heart is houseful and brain is empty,
    more empty space means more COMFORT ;)
    I need that.
  • My heart problem has
    reached a critical stage.
    That doctor says:
    There are only 2 options left
    either ICU
    U C Me.
  • 1 day you’ll be surprised to see ME beside YOU.
    YOU & ME laughing,
    YOU & ME crying,
    YOU & ME dreaming,
    YOU & ME holding on,
    YOU & Me,
    Just YOU & ME sitting in a MENTAL HOSPITAL
    Don’t worry I’ll surely come to visit you.

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Hope you enjoy reading and sending Happy Rose Day SMS in English with your partner. If you have some new, fresh and unique message or SMS about Rose Day, you can share them with the entire world by commenting below. Don’t forget to mention your name and e-mail address. Happy Rose Day 2015!!


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